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in Healthcare

Accessia supports a wide range of healthcare initiatives using a proven dedicated contact center services model.

The healthcare industry manages sensitive financial, emotional and privacy issues between providers, employers and individuals. As the sector evolves, there is a greater demand for higher standards and better quality of healthcare contact services...​​​​​​​


ACCESSIA offers a full range of outbound and inbound Tele-Sales options along certain healthcare sectors, to promote your products and services to decision makers.These solutions are intended to supplement your field sales with a Tele-Sales force, to close over the phone.

Our Tele-sales team sells to prospects without incurring travel expenses or long unproductive time in traffic. These agents make more sales calls in less time. 


Our outside sales rep model provides a contract sales force to sell your product, or services, in the healthcare field.

We can penetrate complex, niche markets and verticals, develop new markets or grow market share in existing markets.


We get to know each client on personal level. We listen and work closely with you to understand the characteristics of your ideal customer. We then design a call campaign that consists of scripting, staff matching, and lead identification.

Our process involves determining how many leads you need to close a sale. Leads are classified as those prospects that have demonstrated an interest in your products or services.


At ACCESSIA , we subscribe to the golden rule of customer service: Treat your customers as courteously and responsively as we like to be treated ourselves.

We  can provide the best answering services. With a team of highly trained specialists, we are capable of answering thousands of inbound calls a day. We can handle the call volume of big business while treating each caller with the courtesy and care that they would expect of a smaller organization.


The local Division of an International Pharmaceutical company operating in the pharmacies field needed assistance in contacting pharmacists to initiate direct collaboration and secure reorders and new orders of their product.

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