WHO WE ARE                                                                                

A healthy sales concept for the health industry

Accessia is a Contact Sales Organization that supports a wide range of business Initiatives in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry, using a proven dedicated services model.

OUR PEOPLE                                                                        

A rescue crew ready for action

Our people are our strongest element. Our Team members are sales experts, recruited and highly trained to our exact specifications. As a service provider, the value of our staff is an integral part of the success of the business. We take care to recruit, develop and keep the best professionals. Our teams are aiming for maximum performance and motivated by the credibility and recognition they receive from the company. For this reason, we have a high degree of employee loyalty and a low exit mark.

WHAT WE DO                                                                     

We talk sales

Operating as a partner and not as a service provider, we help our clients by taking over elements of their sales process that is proven we can do better or faster under a fully managed and supported environment. 

OUR HERITAGE                                                                    

Our wealth of experience

Our intimate knowledge of the Healthcare Industry, lessons learned during initial rollout, and decades of combined sales experience, turn into wealth for our clients business.



We'll CLOSE the DEAL for you! We don't telemarket. We tele-sale! Our staff are experts when it comes to closing deals over the phone.


We provide full-service effective and flexible sales solutions designed to save you cost, time and grow your businesses. Our staff works remotely and virtually, so there is no need to hire, train, monitor or otherwise provide for additional employees.


In the corporate world, image is everything. Exceptional service is not only appreciated by clientele, but your status demands it. When you team up with us, you will never have to worry about how your brand is being portrayed.