Pharmaceutical Project 1:

The local Division of an International Pharmaceutical company operating in the pharmacies field needed assistance in contacting pharmacists to initiate direct collaboration and secure reorders and new orders of their product.


ACCESSIA was engaged to call on the pharmists client’s internal database at their location, with our tele-sales reps. The sales program ran for 6 months.

The data set was slightly over 7000 contacts.

Results: ACCESSIA was able to generate over €125,000,00 in re-orders and new sales during the campaign. ACCESSIA contacted about 5.600 contacts once per month, and stocked the sales pipeline with an additional 1841 new orders in total from current and new clients during the campaign. Also generate new clients that wanted to order product at a later date.

Our model worked so well, that it proved the concept that a TELE-sales team was needed to support the outside sales team.