Outsourced Contact & Sales  Solutions for the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry 

What ACCESSIA does...

ACCESSIA operates as a service provider in contact & sales outsourcing , making us an ideal partner for Pharma & Healthcare companies with limited in-house structure  and or expertise in tele-contacts and sales. Compensation always includes a base fee with a potential commission schedule. For "established products" with "defined sales processes", the focus can be more towards commission with base fees, but with emerging markets and/or products with longer sales cycles, a higher base fee element is typical. But not all industries and verticals are the same with regards to compensation programs. 
Also, as your contact & sales outsourcing vendor we operate as if we are part of your company, developing direct customer relationships, and only representing one client within each defined market or sector for a specified term. This is better for companies with "big ticket" products and services requiring a "higher touch" consultative sale.

What we do

1 Tele-Sales: We don't telemarket. We tele-sale! Our staff are experts when it comes to closing deals over the phone. 
2 Lead Generation: If your pipeline is running dry, or you need a little boost in sales ask our expert sales staff for a hand. 
3 Inbound Call Center: Need a way to establish a professional up-front presence for your business. Our call center is perfect. 
4 Outside Sales: Don't like meeting with people in a sales capacity. That's okay, we'll do close the deal on your behalf. 

The Benefits

We offer so much more than person-to-person contact services. From the minute we join forces, maintaining the integrity of your image is our mission.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Professional Representation: In the corporate world, image is everything. Exceptional service is not only appreciated by clientele, but your status demands it. When you team up with us, you will never have to worry about how your brand is being portrayed. We work closely with your executives to create a service tailored to meet the needs of your corporation. Our agents are among the industry‚Äôs best, and our continuous evaluation procedures sustain the highest caliber service for you and your callers.
  • Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity: We provide full-service effective and flexible sales solutions designed to save you cost, time and grow your businesses. In addition, the use of outsourced sales service offerings, like tele-sales acts like an internal benchmark and feeds your hired sales teams to maintain momentum and keep the funnel full. Our staff works remotely and virtually, so there is no need to hire, train, monitor or otherwise provide for additional employees. Outsourcing drug information services and hotlines can also reduce the stress on your in-house staff, leading to increased productivity and more efficient job performance.
  • Technological Excellence: ACCESSIA has invested in a state-of-the-art call center technology infrastructure that scales to your service program needs.  Our highly stable and flexible call center environment supports the most demanding and complex call routing, reporting, analysis and application requirements making for an effective B2B telemarketing service. And it's supported by a talented team of call center I/T specialists.