At ACCESSIA , we subscribe to the golden rule of customer service: Treat your customers as courteously and responsively as we like to be treated ourselves.

We  can provide the best answering services. With a team of highly trained specialists, we are capable of answering thousands of inbound calls a day. We can handle the call volume of big business while treating each caller with the courtesy and care that they would expect of a smaller organization. 

  • Product Technical support: Providing technical support for your products and services is a critical part of the customer experience. But as you know, it can become a costly and time-consuming distraction from your core, income-producing business. That’s why it often makes sense to turn the technical support function over to an outsourced contact center services provider. At ACCESSIA, we understand the need to become an extension of your brand. And that technical support, done right, not only results in first-call resolutions, but can win your company fans and brand advocates for life.
  • Drug Information Hotlines: As a drug manufacturer, chances are that you have innumerable products under your umbrella. With the often lengthy list of side-effects and contraindications on drug labels, consumers may have questions. Following your protocol, we can answer them. We can also offer information on which practitioners in a particular area dispense your medications so that patients who are interested in trying the product know where to go.
  • Information for Medical Professionals: When physicians or pharmacies call requesting details about a medication, we will disseminate the information according to your specifications. Additionally, we can put callers in touch with vendor representatives in their area to facilitate product education and sample ordering.
  • Recall Hotlines: Even with an extraordinary amount of time spent on research and development, there may be times when a drug needs to be recalled from the marketplace. In the event of a recall, we can establish a recall management services hotline for consumers and practitioners to call, providing them with the most up-to-date information regarding the issue, and helping to calm their concerns.
  • Outbound Surveys: If you want to know how consumers are affected by your products, you need to ask them. Is the medication working for you? Are you experiencing any side effects? Do you feel it is performing as intended? Using your call lists, we can get in touch with patients and medical staff to gauge their opinion and overall satisfaction regarding your drug therapies.