We get to know each client on personal level. We listen and work closely with you to understand the characteristics of your ideal customer. We then design a call campaign that consists of scripting, staff matching, and lead identification.

Our process involves determining how many leads you need to close a sale. Leads are classified as those prospects that have demonstrated an interest in your products or services.

  • A successful campaign builds off of a quality prospect database.
  • Depending on campaign parameters, we utilize your existing contact list (internal or purchased) or generate targeted lists using our database.
  • Next, we develop the initial script in partnership with you and your team.
  • Then the call list is acquired, and the most appropriate ACCESSIA  Sales Rep staff are assigned.
  • We prepare and practice to ensure success.
  • We monitor lead quality based on your feedback.
  • And make adjustments quickly to make certain you get what you're paying for.

Our teams will get to the decision maker and pre-qualify their interest in speaking with you or your sales rep about your products or services. That lead is then funneled into your sales channel.

Constant rejection is common when mass marketing your business. Ultimately, you have to find a way to push through. That's where we come in. Let us hear the No's, and keep pitching for you until we get a Yes. You get the meeting without all the upfront rejection.

Every NO can be interpreted as a YES in disguise! We listen to why your targets say NO and then formulate a plan to provide solutions and gain entry so your reps can sell your goods or services. Each and every interaction is cause for learning and allows us to tailor our sales approach to given individuals.

Through this "push-pull" lead generation process we create many "highly qualified" leads for our clients. Through this process, we are able to effectively identify and generate opportunities, nurture the lead and then distribute it accordingly to your organization.

Cold-calling, outbound lead generation efforts or following up with cold sales prospects can occupy valuable time for your highly paid and successful sales reps. If you can provide them with qualified leads that are interested in speaking with them, they can spend more time closing, and less time cold-calling unproductively.

We excel in gaining entry with your targets’ decision makers. The bottom line is, our lead generation and business appointment setting services will put your closer(s) in front of the right people to seal the deal.