We don't telemarket. We tele-sale! Our staff are experts when it comes to closing deals over the phone.

ACCESSIA offers a full range of outbound and inbound Tele-Sales options along certain healthcare sectors, to promote your products and services to pharmacies and decision makers. These solutions are intended to supplement your field sales with a Tele-Sales force, to close over the phone.

Our Tele-sales team sells to prospects without incurring travel expenses or long unproductive time in traffic. These agents make more sales calls in less time.

The result? More deals closed at a lower cost-per-sale.

Each of our Tele-Sales team members are recruited and are highly trained to our exact specifications. Substantial ROIs are consistently achieved by our Tele-Sales teams. They are especially adept at gaining access to pharmacists and key decision makers and influencing their decisions and closing the customer.

This service is perfect for clients that provide a product or service, whereby a physical visit is not required to close the sale.

Unlike other telemarketing companies, we identify the ideal prospects, secure the list, write the script, train in collaboration with our client, and start the sales process.

We'll send orders, sale deals, leads and contracts to prospects, secure invoicing and customer information and pass along that information to you. 

A few characteristics of our unique Tele-Sales teams include:

  • They prepare and practice to ensure success.
  • They create a positive buying atmosphere and greater client satisfaction.
  • Tele-Sales agents move seamlessly from prospects closing to real time selling.
  • They hear the No's, and keep pitching for you until they get a Yes.
  • They can move from one corner of their territory to another in seconds.
  • They can change sales campaigns instantly, based on feedback from calls feedback and outcomes as well as from other factors.
  • They sell to and reactivate accounts that have not reached their full buying potential because field salespeople are concentrating on larger key accounts.
  • Tele-Sales agents are available whenever the client needs them.
  • One Tele-Sales agent can reach hundreds of prospects every month.
  • Unlike other telemarketing companies, we'll CLOSE the DEAL for you!